What We Do

What We Do…

“HANDS’ mission is to be a major player in the efforts to decrease the neonatal mortality and morbidity rates in Ethiopia.”

Current statistics show that Ethiopia has an overwhelming health care need:

A. The neonatal (0-1 month olds) mortality rate in the US is about 4/1000 live birth while in Ethiopia it is 28/1000.

B. The rate of deliveries attended by skilled personnel is just 6% in Ethiopia compared to 99% in the U.S.

C. The infant (0-1 year olds) mortality rate in US is about 6/1000 live birth while in Ethiopia is 79/1000.

D. The still birth rate in East Africa is 27/1000 live births. 33% of the stillbirths occur during labor.

E. The main cause of neonatal death in Ethiopia is infections, prematurity and birth asphyxia. In US the main cause is congenital or chromosomal anomalies and extreme prematurity.

F. The number of medical doctors available to provide care per 10,000 people is less than 0.5 in Ethiopia vs. 27 in US.