Our Activities

One of our current projects is at Jimma Hospital, a healthcare facility affiliated with an established medical school, Jimma University.

Two teams, each comprised of a doctor, a nurse, and a respiratory therapist, travelled to Ethiopia in 2013. Each team stayed for a 2-week duration and provided health care services and education. Our intention is to continue these regular trips and have up to six teams available to travel to this facility over a period of a year, thereby ensuring continued and progressive support. We already have a team of medical professionals who have volunteered to travel.

We are currently providing updates, news and management protocols for various neonatal pathologies via our website, Handsforbabies.org, and our Facebook page, Facebook.com/handsforbabies. We intend to revise and expand the content continuously. We are also intending to develop a web forum for interactive teachings and web seminars that will give continued support to the facilities we intend to upgrade.

HANDS has been soliciting, collecting and sending donations of neonatal equipment and education materials to Ethiopia. We intend to continue these efforts.