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FEN for the Neonate
Neonatal Documentation

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This section is created for medical professionals (doctors, nurses, health assistants and midwives) who practice neonatology in Ethiopia. Its purpose is to give these professionals guidelines related to newborn pathologies and the approach to their management.

Legal notice:

These practice guidelines/management protocols are intended to help pediatricians and/or neonatologists practicing neonatology in Ethiopia. They should be used at the discretion of the practicing pediatricians and/or neonatologists in Ethiopia. The Horn of Africa Neonatal Development Services will not take any responsibility with the use of these practice guidelines/management protocols. Practice guidelines/management protocols are not intended as standards or absolute requirements. They cannot guarantee any specific outcome and they are subject to revision as warranted by the evolution of medical knowledge. Practice guidelines are supported by analysis of the current literature and by expert opinion, open forum commentary, and clinical feasibility.

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Neonatal Sepsis Powerpoint

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Powerpoint<./strong>

Neonatal Resuscitation Program

2012 Presentations

Formula for Mixing Air and O2 to Get Desired Fi02 Concentration

Neonatal Hypoglycemia Guidelines

Neonatal Infections Powerpoint